This has to be the question we hear the most at The Newport Studio - and for good reason, because clothes can make or break a photoshoot!

The simple answer is wear something that you feel comfortable in. Don't go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for everyone if you're all going to look and feel stiff and awkward.

But there are some tried and tested pointers to guide you to sartorial success on your family photoshoot and we've listed them below:

  • We always say get mum sorted first and work from there. Mum is obviously the most important member of the family (!) but all we're really saying is start with one outfit (a "theme" if you like) and you'll be making your life easier.

  • Unifying colours help bring the family together visually. Neutral tones like white, tans, pastels, olive and light green keep the focus on faces smiles and eyes. 

  • Ditch dark or very bright colours such as navy, reds and black because they tend to pull the focus off the family. 

  • Solid colours work best but if you want to go for patterns then small florals are the best bet and ideally on no more than one family member. The best rule of thumb is you don't want the clothes to distract from your beautiful family!

  • Think textures over patterns. Natural fibres like cotton and linen work well while big chunky knits look great in the cooler months.

  • Avoid illustrations, text and logos and matching outfits (although Daddy and Me is pretty cute we must admit!) The whole family in jeans and white T-shirts is the photoshoot equivalent of Justin and Britney's double denim disaster!

  • Choose colours from your home. Chances are these images are going to end up proudly displayed on your walls, or in frames around your home - so keep that in mind when choosing outfits. Is there a predominent colour running through your decor? Is your home light and bright or rich and dark? Neutral is a safe bet with any colour scheme - and earthy tones bring the outside in.

Hopefully you don't feel completely overwhelmed after reading all of that! The number one rule is keep it simple - mum in a white dress, dad in a linen shirt and shorts or chinos, boys in a classic white tee and girls in a floaty dress or cute playsuit. Nothing too fussy or complicated means you can all concentrate on enjoying yourselves because that, after all, is the point!